Beaver County community comes together to raise money for dog attacked with hatchet – WPXI

Community Unites to Support Dog Injured in Hatchet Attack in Beaver County

In Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, a heartwarming story unfolded as the local community rallied to support a dog victim of a brutal attack. The incident occurred when Maize, a beloved pet, and her owner, Juain Hall, were ambushed by an assailant wielding a hatchet during a walk in February. The shocking event prompted widespread concern and a desire to help among the residents.

In response to the attack, the community sprang into action, organizing a fundraiser to aid in Maize’s recovery. The event took place at a local Marathon Gas Station on Brodhead Road, where “Hoozes and Paws” set up a booth to sell pet treats. The proceeds from the sale were dedicated to covering the costly veterinary care that Maize required following the attack.

Thanks to several expensive visits to the vet, Maize’s health began to improve, and the fundraiser played a crucial role in ensuring she received the necessary treatments. Hall expressed his deep gratitude for the overwhelming support from both the local community and well-wishers from afar. He shared his appreciation, noting that donations, including dog food, had arrived from as far as San Francisco.

Hall joyfully reported that Maize was gradually returning to her usual self, with a reduced need for medications. This positive development brought relief and happiness to both Maize and her owner.

In the aftermath of the attack, legal actions were taken against the perpetrator, David Askew. He faces charges related to the incident and is expected to attend a preliminary hearing in April.

This story not only highlights the resilience of Maize and her owner but also showcases the power of community support in times of need.