Couple, dog survive plane crash in Georgia woods – WSB-TV Channel 2

Couple and Their Dog Miraculously Survive After Plane Crashes in Georgia Wilderness

In Reidsville, Georgia, a couple is on the mend following a plane crash they miraculously survived.

On a Saturday afternoon, the Reidsville Fire Department was alerted to a plane crash near Catherine Sanders Road and Old River Road. The emergency teams rushed to the scene. Together with Tattnall County sheriff deputies, they embarked on a mission to locate the plane’s occupants.

After an extensive search that lasted several hours, they discovered a couple hidden in dense underbrush. Remarkably, a dog accompanying the couple was found unharmed.

The couple was promptly transported to a hospital for medical attention. Details regarding their identities and current health status remain undisclosed.

Fire officials shared images showing a parachute entangled in trees close to the crash site, hinting at a dramatic escape.

The following day, Sunday morning, the search teams utilized a drone to locate the crashed plane hidden within a wooded area.

The cause behind this harrowing incident has yet to be revealed.

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