Pets only, no pinching these dogs on St. Patrick's Day in Denver

Denver Dogs Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Without the Pinches: A Pet-Friendly Festivity

In Denver, the city came alive with vibrant shades of green as people and their furry friends flocked to the heart of the city on Saturday to celebrate the 62nd St. Patrick’s Day parade.

FOX31 and Colorado’s Very Own Channel 2 proudly sponsored the event, which showcased an array of participants including floats, veterans, local businesses, fire rescue units, first responders, bagpipers, marching and jazz bands, dancers, and much more.

Despite the chill from recent snowfall, the spirit of the parade warmed the hearts of those watching.

The crowd was just as lively and colorfully dressed as the parade participants.

Dogs, in particular, were dressed to impress, with their owners ensuring they looked their best for the occasion.

Many dogs had the opportunity to strut their stuff in the parade, with groups like the Irish Setter Club of Colorado leading the way.

Photos captured the essence of the day, showing Coloradans in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, donned in green and celebrating together.

These beloved pets received plenty of affection, with lots of pets, rubs, and scratches to go around, ensuring they wouldn’t be receiving any pinches for not wearing green.