4 dogs found in Pierce County school after working together to escape home

Four Clever Dogs Team Up to Escape Home, Found Together in Pierce County School

In Pierce County, Washington, a surprising adventure unfolded at Spanaway Middle School when four clever dogs made a daring escape from their home. The local Pierce County Sheriff’s Department School Resource Officer (SRO) received a call about these four furry adventurers running loose on the school grounds. Since Animal Control officers were not yet available, the SRO took it upon themselves to handle the situation.

Upon arrival, the officer found that three of the escapees had already been rounded up into the principal’s office. Fortunately, the officer had leashes in their car and managed to secure the dogs safely in the backseat. A quick scan by Animal Control revealed that one of the dogs, named Ruger, had a microchip. This allowed them to immediately contact Ruger’s family.

Ruger, along with his canine siblings, was promptly returned home. Their owners were baffled, unable to figure out how the dogs had managed to escape. Their yard was secured with an 8-9 feet tall fence, equipped with multiple latches for added security. How could they have possibly gotten out?

The answer, as it turned out, was quite simple: teamwork. The dogs had cleverly worked together to undo the latches and make their great escape. Realizing the ingenuity of their pets, the dog owners wasted no time in heading to the hardware store. They were on a mission to find even more secure options to keep their inventive escape artists safely at home.