Custom baked goods and cuddles

Indulge in Comfort: Custom Baked Goods Paired with Heartwarming Cuddles

Beth Drazak’s visit to New Haven’s Mew Haven Cat Café last year was a turning point for her. During her visit, she had a conversation with Angela Pullo, the owner of the café. Drazak shared her dream of opening her own cat café if she ever won the lottery.

Although she hasn’t hit the lottery jackpot, Drazak is on her way to realizing her dream. She plans to open Marcie’s Angels Cat Café in Glastonbury, located at 3039 Main St, by midsummer. This café will be the third of its kind in the state.

The idea took root during her visit to New Haven in March last year. Pullo encouraged her, saying winning the lottery wasn’t a necessity. Drazak credits Pullo as a significant mentor in her journey. She is now navigating through the process of obtaining permits, inspections, and finalizing the renovation budget to make her dream a reality.

Drazak views this venture as a passion project before retirement. She has been working in Glastonbury as an administrative assistant for a financial advisor for 24 years. The café is named after Marcie, the first cat she owned as an adult, marking a lifelong love for cats. Drazak cherishes the 11 years she spent with Marcie, as mentioned on the café’s website.

Glastonbury Town Planner Gary Haynes sees the café as a positive addition, offering a unique opportunity for cat adoptions in the area.

The café aims to be a for-profit business with a heart for cat adoptions. Drazak plans to house up to 10 cats from East Hartford’s Protectors of Animals, where she volunteers. These cats will be fully vetted, socialized, and ready for adoption.

The business will feature a café on one side and a lounge with cats on the other. Local businesses will supply drinks and baked goods. Customers can purchase a ticket for a 50-minute visit with the cats. While reservations are preferred, walk-ins are also welcome.

Drazak also plans to host special events, including youth groups and birthday parties. Having grown up in Massachusetts in a home where animals were always present, she brings a lifelong passion for animals to this venture. Her children, Caitlyn and Michael, both college students, will assist with the business.

Marcie’s Angels Cat Café will join the ranks of other cat cafés in the state, such as Mew Haven Cat Café and Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee House in East Haddam. Drazak notes the scarcity of cat cafés in New England compared to other regions.

JoAnn Azzara of Protectors of Animals, where Drazak volunteers, looks forward to the partnership. Azzara, who leads the medical team and has been with the organization for 21 years, sees this as a new venture for both parties. The café will mainly house adult cats, providing them with a chance for a better life.

Protectors of Animals, a respected organization in the state, relies on nearly 300 volunteers to rehome hundreds of cats and dogs annually. Fundraising efforts primarily support the medical needs of these animals. The organization operates solely on donations without government assistance.

Azzara, who recently visited the chosen location for the café, is excited about the opening. The space, formerly Cove’s Barber Shop, is set to become a haven for cat lovers and potential adopters in a few months.