Lawton dog owners love plan for park improvements | News

Lawton Dog Owners Enthusiastically Welcome Proposed Park Upgrades

Discover the heart of canine joy and community spirit at the Vito Baxter Puppy Promenade, especially between 4-6 p.m. This is when the magic happens. As the day cools and shadows lengthen, people find comfort in the shade, engaging in lively conversations. Meanwhile, their furry friends enjoy the freedom of a secure, dog-specific play area.

Dan Bennett, a nurse who often travels to Lawton, cherishes his daily visits to the park with Duke, his dog, whenever they’re in town. Duke, well-known among the park’s regulars, splits his time between playing fetch with Dan and frolicking with his four-legged pals. A large water bucket is always nearby for a quick refresh. It seems Duke’s enthusiasm for fetch has made him quite popular, with other dogs eagerly joining in or chasing after balls Dan throws.

For Dan, these park visits are crucial. Living in an apartment limits Duke’s exercise options, making their daily park outings essential for exercise, sunshine, and fresh air. Dan is certain of one thing: Duke adores these visits. The excitement is palpable, with Duke crying with anticipation as they approach the park.

Dan appreciates the park for the energy release and social interaction it offers Duke. However, he sees room for improvement. Having visited larger dog parks during his travels, Dan wishes for more space, better shade, and additional water faucets at Vito Baxter.

The current water setup, involving buckets scattered around the park, isn’t ideal. The few available faucets are either not in use or insufficient for the number of dogs that visit. Park-goers, like Dan, believe more faucets would greatly enhance the park’s usability.

Barry Sleight is another regular who’s excited about planned upgrades to the park, a place dearly loved by his dog, Dudley. Barry, who uses the park as a chance to socialize and relax, is particularly looking forward to a larger play area and a separate entrance for smaller dogs. This segregation is important for the comfort and safety of smaller breeds, which might feel intimidated passing through larger dogs to reach their play area.

Barry is also enthusiastic about efforts to address areas prone to flooding, humorously dubbed “Lake Dog Park” by the locals. This pond, while amusing for some adventurous dogs, is a concern that needs addressing.

The dog park, according to Barry, is more than just a place for dogs. It’s a hub for human interaction, fostering a tight-knit community among dog owners. Scottie Rushing echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the dual benefits for both pets and their owners. For Scottie, and his dogs Patches and Blue, the park is a daily highlight. It’s not just about exercise; it’s a vibrant social venue that brings people together.

In essence, the Vito Baxter Puppy Promenade is more than a dog park. It’s a community cornerstone, enriching the lives of both pets and their owners. With planned improvements on the horizon, it’s set to become an even more cherished local asset.