Local Dog Rescue Hosts St. Patrick's Day Party For Adoptable Puppies

Local Dog Rescue Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Festive Adoption Party for Puppies

This St. Patrick’s Day, the celebration isn’t limited to just people.

The joy of the holiday spilled over into Sunday at the Helpless Hounds St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Party. Amity Edwards, the party’s president, shared that the event is specially designed for hound breeds.

“Our focus is on hounds with those distinctive long, floppy ears – including bluetick coonhounds, all types of coonhounds, bassets, beagles, and bloodhounds,” she explained.

Close to two dozen puppies, coming from three different litters, were eager to meet their potential new families.

“These puppies are ready for their forever homes. We’ll keep working with the adopters until the puppies have received all their vaccinations,” Edwards mentioned.

Edwards believes these puppies could be the perfect addition to the right family.

“We do a bit of matchmaking here. You have the chance to spend time with several puppies during your visit and see if there’s a special connection with your family,” she added.

Conner Geddings, a 10-year-old, was on a special mission. He aimed to persuade his parents to welcome another puppy into their home.

Despite already having three dogs, he found the puppies irresistible.

“They’re just so cute. Look at this one nibbling on my finger, but really, all of them are adorable,” Geddings said.

Whether the puppies found their forever homes that day or simply enjoyed some affection, this animal rescue event provided a haven for them. It was a place filled with love, luck, and endless tail-wagging.