Man accused of shooting roommate 10 times after argument over cats – WFTV

Man Charged with Attempted Murder Following Dispute Over Cats, Allegedly Shot Roommate 10 Times

In Lehigh Acres, Florida, a disagreement about the number of cats in a home took a violent turn, resulting in a woman being shot 10 times, according to authorities.

The incident led to the arrest of 59-year-old Glenn William White II from Lehigh Acres. On March 9, he faced charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, as per the Lee County Sheriff’s Office online booking records.

The conflict began when White, who had been evicted, was offered a place to stay by the victim. This arrangement was reported by WINK-TV. However, the situation soured over White’s six cats.

Initially, White moved in with three cats. However, he kept bringing more cats home, totaling six, as detailed in an affidavit cited by the Miami Herald. The ongoing dispute between White and the victim was over the cats’ living arrangements. The victim wanted the cats to live outside, but White insisted on keeping them inside.

On March 8, the situation escalated when the victim decided to move the cats outside. As she attempted to gather the cats from White’s room, he shot her multiple times from his doorway. The sheriff’s office reported that the victim was hit seven times in her lower extremities, twice on her right rib, and once on her left middle finger.

Following the shooting, White allegedly threatened the victim’s life and interfered with her attempt to call 911 by slapping the phone from her hand. He eventually called a dispatcher himself, as reported by the Miami Herald.

The victim was promptly taken to a hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, White was arrested and taken to Lee County Jail. His bail was set at $25,000, with a court appearance scheduled for April 8, according to Lee County online court records.