Mark is outgoing and loving

Mark: The Epitome of Warmth and Sociability

Let’s talk about Mark, an amazing dog whose kindness is as big as his heart. He calls the Trenton Animal Shelter his temporary home. Even though the shelter is quite full, Mark’s joyful nature doesn’t dim. He welcomes everyone with open arms, or rather, open paws, full of excitement and without a hint of timidity.

Interacting with Mark is effortless. He’s very accepting of all kinds of handling and absolutely loves getting petted and massaged. He might get a little mouthy when he’s being held back, but his loving personality always shines brightest.

Mark shows a bit of possessiveness over his belongings but is keen to learn new things. He’s a hearty eater, which is good because he looks like he could use some extra meals to get back to a healthy weight. He might guard his chew toys or stiffen up when someone goes for his toys, but with a bit of patience and training, he’s sure to learn the art of sharing.

Mark is up for adoption. (Thanks to Trenton Animal Shelter)

When it comes to interacting with other dogs, Mark might seem distracted at first but he quickly gets into the groove. He doesn’t mind a bit of rough play and is seen as a great option for someone looking to adopt.

Mark is on the lookout for a family to call his own, and the shelter has made it even easier by waiving all adoption fees. This is your chance to welcome a loving friend into your home.

Consider adopting Mark today and change both your lives for the better. To start the process, simply fill out an adoption application or reach out to the adoption specialists at 609-989-3108.