Minneapolis family searching for missing therapy dog, 'lifelong companion'

Minneapolis Family Desperately Seeks Missing Lifelong Companion: Therapy Dog Gone Missing

In Minneapolis, a family is on a heartfelt quest to reunite with their cherished therapy dog, Sammy. This mid-sized Bernese-poodle mix, adorned with a mostly black coat, brown snout and legs, and a white underbelly, means the world to 29-year-old Daniel Stoltman. For Daniel, who battles depression, Sammy has been a beacon of hope, guiding him through life’s darker moments over recent years.

Sammy was last spotted in Loring Park on March 3. Daniel recalls the distressing night spent searching for his four-legged friend, hoping against hope to find him. In response to Sammy’s disappearance, the family has taken action by filing a police report, distributing countless flyers, and reaching out through various social media platforms.

Photos shared by Kevin Stoltman, Daniel’s father, capture the essence of Sammy, reflecting the deep bond he shares with the family. Despite the daunting challenge, Daniel and Kevin are not ready to give up. The thought of replacing Sammy is unbearable for them. Kevin reveals that training Sammy as a therapy dog was a significant investment, both financially and time-wise, but the emotional cost of losing him is far greater.

Daniel had envisioned many more adventures with Sammy, including camping trips that now hang in the balance. The family’s plea is simple yet urgent: if anyone knows Sammy’s whereabouts or has him, they should reach out. To ensure Sammy’s safe return, the family is offering a $750 reward.

Should you come across a dog resembling Sammy, the Stoltman family urges you to contact them directly at 612-719-7463. They hold onto hope that their beloved companion will soon be back in their loving arms.

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