Playing with dogs may positively affect multiple brain areas, new study finds

New Study Reveals Playing with Dogs Enhances Brain Function in Multiple Areas

In Cincinnati, there’s a buzz about the benefits of spending time with dogs. It turns out, those moments of play or watching cute dog videos might be more beneficial than we thought.

Recent research has shown that interacting with dogs can actually boost brain waves linked to relaxation and rest. Yes, you heard it correctly. Engaging with dogs can be a great way to enjoy some relaxation and rest.

The findings were published in the journal Plos One. The study involved 30 individuals with an average age of 28. These participants took part in various activities with dogs, including playing, feeding, grooming, hugging, and walking. The researchers then monitored the participants’ brain waves during these interactions and asked them about their feelings afterward.

The results were intriguing. There was evidence of increased attention, concentration, and relaxation. Additionally, participants reported less stress, fatigue, and feelings of depression.

However, the study did have its limitations. The small number of participants and the fact that all were healthy individuals meant that the study couldn’t fully explore the impact on medical conditions.

Despite these limitations, it was clear that the dogs enjoyed their involvement in the study.

This research adds to the growing body of evidence on the benefits of interacting with animals, especially dogs. Such interactions have been linked to increased energy, positive emotions, and a reduced risk of memory loss, as reported by CNN Health.

The study did note that a person’s love for animals might influence the results. However, the researchers emphasized the importance of addressing these potential biases in future studies.