NYC first dog cafe reopens after locals raise $250K

NYC’s Beloved First Dog Cafe Reopens Thanks to $250K Fundraiser by Community Supporters

Let’s celebrate! New York City’s very first cafe for dogs is back in business this week, after previously announcing a permanent closure in February. This comeback was made possible thanks to a generous six-figure sum raised by the community.

Logan Mikhly, who owns Boris & Horton with her father, Coppy Holzman, shared her excitement about the reopening. “It felt like the first day back at school after the summer break. We’re all buzzing with energy and thrilled to see our customers and their furry friends again,” she said.

At their locations in the East Village and Williamsburg, Boris & Horton welcomed back patrons and their pets. “Our goal is to ensure Boris & Horton thrives for a long time, becoming more sustainable,” Mikhly, aged 34, expressed to The Post.

Mikhly and Holzman had to close their dog-friendly cafes after struggling with the high costs of running a business in New York City. “Creating a welcoming community was a success for us. However, the financial burden of adhering to Health Department regulations, catering to dogs, and covering additional expenses like extra staff and cleaning supplies meant our expenses slightly exceeded our revenue,” Holzman, 69, explained.

Mikhly remembered feeling downcast about the situation. “I was really hard on myself, feeling like I had failed in business,” she recalled. But the community quickly rallied, raising $250,000 in a short period to save the cafes. “The swift and generous response from our supporters was something I could never have imagined. It was truly heartwarming,” Mikhly remarked.

With the funds, they made essential repairs, updated the decor, and hired new staff for both locations. The overwhelming support from the community ensured the cafes could reopen. Now, Boris & Horton suggest a $10 entry fee for visitors with dogs and a $5 fee for those without, planning to host evening events like comedy and trivia nights. “Our customers mean the world to us, and it turns out, they feel the same about us. This week has been fantastic,” Holzman shared, reflecting on the successful reopening.