Paws for Miles fosters 9 dogs from West Bank

Paws for Miles Provides New Beginnings for 9 West Bank Rescue Dogs through Foster Program

In Cincinnati, a heartwarming tale of compassion and rescue unfolded as SPCA International successfully saved 69 dogs from the challenging conditions in the West Bank. Among these, nine fortunate canines have found a new beginning in Cincinnati.

On a sunny Sunday, these dogs touched down at Lunken Airport, marking the start of their new journey. Paws for Miles, a foster-based rescue organization in Cincinnati, warmly welcomed them. The organization is now dedicated to finding foster homes for these nine dogs.

Samantha Salas of SPCA International shared the backstory of this rescue mission. She recounted receiving a distressing call about the deteriorating conditions in the West Bank, exacerbated by the aftermath of the Hamas Israel war. The call highlighted the urgent need for food and veterinary care for the animals, which were becoming increasingly difficult to provide.

Driven by determination, Salas collaborated with various shelters and a sanctuary to ensure the dogs’ safety. She has been physically with the dogs since Friday, although the mission to rescue them began months earlier. The call for help came from Daily Hugs, a sanctuary in the West Bank, which was desperate to evacuate the dogs to safety.

Wasseem Tahboub, a veterinarian who has cared for these dogs for years, noted their once joyful nature. They roamed freely in the sanctuary until recent events led to a significant decline in their well-being. Tahboub reflected on the difficult decision to rehome the dogs, emphasizing it was made with the dogs’ best interests at heart.

Jennifer Salatin, the founder of Paws for Miles, expressed the emotional rollercoaster this rescue mission has been. From overwhelming joy to nervous anticipation, the journey of these dogs to their new homes is filled with mixed emotions. Concerns such as language barriers and time zone adjustments highlight the challenges these dogs face in adapting to their new environment.

Paws for Miles is calling on the community for support. They urgently need more foster homes to care for these sweet dogs. Additionally, donations are crucial for the organization to continue its lifesaving work.

For those interested in helping or seeking more information, visit Paws for Miles at their website or Facebook page. This story is not just about the rescue of dogs, but a testament to the power of compassion and community in making a difference in the lives of animals in need.