Reward increased for info about dead dog found dumped on side of road in Coventry – NBC Connecticut

Reward Boosted for Leads on Dog Found Deceased and Discarded in Coventry, Reports NBC Connecticut

A group has stepped up its offer for clues on a deceased dog found abandoned by a roadside in Coventry this month.

Desmond’s Army, a champion for animal rights laws, has now doubled its reward to $10,000 for details leading to an arrest.

On a recent weekend, a tragic discovery was made: a dog’s body inside a plastic container on South Street’s edge. Investigations revealed the dog suffered a gunshot wound to the chest.

A blue plastic bin, hidden behind a guardrail, caught the attention of a passerby.

“She had hoped to find kittens abandoned but instead found the dog’s body and immediately contacted us,” shared Coventry Police officer Michelle Krukoff.

The police have announced a $5,000 reward for information that results in an arrest, following the discovery of a dog shot in the chest.

The dog, identified as a dark gray female pit bull with white paws and cropped ears, sparked concern.

“The act of harming an animal to this extent is deeply troubling,” stated Krukoff.

Krukoff also mentioned the dog seemed to have recently given birth.

The search for surveillance footage to aid the case is challenging due to the remote location of the discovery. Hence, authorities are appealing for public tips.

Krukoff expressed hope that someone aware of the incident would come forward with valuable information.

In Connecticut, the act of killing a dog is considered a serious crime under the Animal Cruelty Laws.

Anyone with information that could assist the police is encouraged to contact the Coventry Police Department at (860) 742-7331 and ask for Officer Krukoff. For those wishing to remain anonymous, a call can be made to (860) 742-2400.