Students Earn Science Fair Awards At Eighth Annual HITS Expo

Students Shine with Top Honors at 8th Annual HITS Science Fair Expo

In Waldorf, Maryland, the Charles County Public Schools celebrated their eighth annual History, Industry, Technology, and Science (HITS) Expo. This event took place on Saturday, March 9, at St. Charles High School. The Expo showcased a diverse collection of student projects in science and history, all lined up for evaluation. These projects spanned various categories including Behavioral/Medicine and Health Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Science, Life Science, and Physics and Astronomy. Additionally, some students were honored with special awards for their exceptional work.

Among the awardees, Skylan Brassell, an eighth grader from the Neighborhood Creative Arts Center, stood out as the grand prize winner. Her project titled “Can Turbidity be used to Indicate the Presence of E. coli and other Pathogenic Microbes in 4 Potomac River Tributaries?” garnered much attention.

At the middle and high school level, first-place awards were claimed by students across different categories. Gianna Dynes, a senior from North Point High School, excelled in the Behavioral/Medicine Health Science category with her project on the effect of essential oils on E. coli. Ethan Ben Gregory Escasinas, a sixth grader from Theodore G. Davis Middle School, topped the Chemistry category with his “Conductivity Conundrum” project. Other notable winners included Yaazin Shah, Logan Boswell, and again, Skylan Brassell in their respective categories.

The elementary division also saw its share of young innovators. Mason Whetzel, Eddie Sommella, Ethan Waiters, and several others received first-place awards for their explorations into various scientific questions. From the effects of water temperature on laundry detergents to the stability of structures during earthquakes, these young minds showcased their curiosity and ingenuity.

Special awards were presented to a select group of students, recognizing their outstanding contributions. Skylan Brassell, Ethan Ben Gregory Escasinas, and Emma Vo were among those honored by the College of Southern Maryland. The La Plata Lions Club and the La Plata Garden Club also acknowledged the hard work of students like Logan Boswell and Amna Shah.

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