Woodford Humane Society offering free dog adoptions

Woodford Humane Society Launches Free Dog Adoption Initiative

In Versailles, Kentucky, animal shelters are facing a significant challenge. They are filled beyond their capacity, pushing them to find new homes for the animals more aggressively. The Woodford Humane Society has taken a notable step by offering free dog adoptions.

Beth Oleson, the marketing director, shared that the shelter is experiencing a high number of dog intakes. Meanwhile, the rate of dog adoptions is disappointingly low. “Our shelter isn’t large,” she said, “so it doesn’t take much to push us over capacity. Sometimes, just a busy week can do it. Currently, we’re operating at 135% capacity for dogs and puppies.”

To boost dog adoptions, the humane society has chosen to eliminate the adoption fee for dogs older than six months. This offer is available until Friday, March 22. Oleson expressed hope that this initiative would help many wonderful dogs at the shelter find their forever homes.

The primary aim is to assist dogs that have been at the humane society for an extended period in finding a family. One such dog is Pearl, who has been at the shelter for nearly two years. Oleson described Pearl as a beacon of joy, always ready to greet you with a smile, especially when she knows a treat or playtime is coming.

The team at Woodford Humane Society is eagerly waiting for Pearl to find a loving home. They have been patient, hoping for the right family to come along.

Due to a shortage of staff, the Woodford Humane Society is asking potential adopters to schedule appointments. They encourage everyone interested in adopting to visit their website, www.woodfordhumane.org, to view available dogs before arranging a meeting.

The staff at the shelter is very knowledgeable about the dogs in their care. They are ready to help match you with a dog that would be a good fit for your home, especially if you’re unsure which dog might be right for you but are committed to adopting.

This initiative by the Woodford Humane Society is a heartfelt effort to ensure that dogs in need find loving homes, making a significant difference in both the animals’ and the adopters’ lives.