Kate Middleton missing: Pressure grows for Princess of Wales to speak out amid conspiracy theories

Amid Rising Speculation, Calls Intensify for Princess of Wales to Address Disappearance Rumors

The spotlight on Princess Kate is growing brighter as she heals from abdominal surgery.

Every step she takes is closely watched. Over the weekend, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, was reportedly out shopping for plants with Prince William and cheering on their children at sports events. Yet, no pictures from these outings have surfaced.

Maggie Rulli brings us the latest from Buckingham Palace.

The controversy surrounding the Princess of Wales seems to be deepening.

Kate was notably absent from the annual Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, a rare occurrence since she has missed it only once since 2012.

Instead, the royal couple took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the Irish guards preparing for their parade, wishing everyone a “Happy St Patrick’s Day!”

Friends of the princess have hinted to The Sunday Times that Kate might soon open up about the rumors concerning her health. One friend shared, “I can see a world in which the princess might discuss her recovery out on engagements.”

Another friend commented on the recent controversy over a doctored photo, explaining that Kate is keen on presenting the family in the best light possible.

The media frenzy around Kate has been compared to the scrutiny Princess Diana faced, as noted by Diana’s brother in a BBC interview. He reflected on the impact of conspiracy theories versus press intrusion.

Princess Kate is expected to resume her public engagements after April 17.