Cohen signals Trump ‘should be worried’ about hush money case

Cohen Warns Trump: Hush Money Case Poses Serious Concern

Michael Cohen, previously the personal lawyer for ex-President Trump, has voiced concerns that Trump should be apprehensive about the forthcoming legal challenges he faces. Cohen’s comments came after a judge scheduled the commencement of Trump’s trial concerning hush money payments.

Cohen emphasized that Trump’s worry should not be directed at him but rather at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, the evidence, and the multitude of witnesses poised to testify against him. Speaking to MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, Cohen remarked, “This is a straightforward case,” underscoring the strength of the prosecution’s evidence and witness testimony.

During a recent hearing in Trump’s hush money lawsuit, a debate ensued between Trump’s legal team and the state regarding newly disclosed documents. Although these revelations prompted a brief postponement, the trial’s start date was ultimately set for April 15, without further delays.

Significantly, Cohen, alongside adult film actress Stormy Daniels, is slated to testify. Daniels has previously stated that she accepted hush money from Cohen to conceal her alleged affair with Trump, a decision she claims was made out of fear for her safety.

While Cohen refrained from detailing his forthcoming testimony, he expressed his irritation with the attempts to undermine his credibility. He suggested that these efforts aim to either delay the trial further or dismiss it entirely, which he views as unrealistic.

Cohen hinted that his testimony would highlight misconduct by Trump, emphasizing the case’s reliance on documentary evidence and corroborating testimony. “These documents don’t lie,” Cohen stated, suggesting that the evidence would not favor Trump.

This unfolding legal drama underscores the mounting challenges facing Trump, with Cohen’s testimony and the documentary evidence poised to play pivotal roles in the trial.