Biden, Trump move toward a rematch

Biden and Trump Gear Up for Potential Rematch in Upcoming Election

President Joe Biden recently visited the Pieper-Hillside Boys & Girls Club in Milwaukee on March 13. This event marked a significant moment in his campaign journey.

Over the last weekend, both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump were actively campaigning in Georgia. This was right before the state’s primary on Tuesday. However, their weeks unfolded quite differently afterward.

President Biden embarked on a weeklong journey across five key electoral battlegrounds. During this tour, he met with swing-state voters in various venues. These included a high school gym, an industrial event space, an indoor tennis court, a Boys & Girls Club, and even on a supporter’s front porch.

However, the number of supporters and undecided voters he met was relatively small. The crowds at his speeches were in the hundreds, not thousands. His events, mostly by invitation, aimed to rally the party faithful and local officials who are already in his corner.

The primary goal for President Biden, as stated by his advisers, is to energize Democrats and alleviate any concerns about his decision to run for office again. His campaign is set to significantly increase its physical presence in battleground states. Next week, he plans to visit Nevada and Arizona.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump found himself in a courtroom in Florida. He was there to address charges in a case involving classified documents. Trump argued that the law used to charge him was too vague. However, Judge Aileen Cannon, of the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida, dismissed his claim in less than three hours after the hearing.

In a separate case in New York concerning hush money, the Manhattan district attorney’s office has proposed to delay the trial for up to 30 days. This trial is currently scheduled to start on March 25.