Biden Is 'Angry and Anxious' About Lagging Reelection Campaign

Biden Expresses Frustration and Concern Over Slow-Paced Reelection Efforts

President Joe Biden is reportedly feeling “angry and anxious” about the challenges facing his reelection efforts, according to NBC News.

The mood within the White House has reached a point of tension. During a recent meeting, when Biden was briefed about his declining popularity in key battleground states such as Michigan and Georgia, he reacted strongly, expressing his frustration loudly and using harsh words towards his team.

NBC News journalists Peter Nicholas, Courtney Kube, and Carol E. Lee shared insights into a private gathering at the White House. In this meeting, Biden’s allies presented him with data showing a dip in his approval ratings in Michigan and Georgia, states critical to his narrow victory four years ago. The decline was attributed to his handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Despite the political consequences, Biden defended his actions, emphasizing his belief in doing what he thought was right, as recounted by a lawmaker who was present.

A photo captures President Joe Biden speaking at a campaign event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 13, 2024, highlighting his active engagement in the campaign trail.

In response to inquiries about the January incident, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates emphasized that President Biden bases his national security decisions solely on the country’s needs, without any other considerations influencing his judgment.

However, the reality remains stark for Biden’s reelection campaign. Since January, his position has only weakened. Polls in almost all battleground states show former President Donald Trump, likely to be the Republican nominee again, significantly ahead of Biden.

Adding to the campaign’s challenges, Biden’s team recently highlighted a controversial statement by Trump, suggesting a dire outcome for the auto industry if Biden were reelected. This move by Biden’s campaign, along with support from top Democrats and media allies, aims to portray Trump as a danger to democracy. Yet, this strategy appears to be a sign of desperation, as Biden’s team struggles to gain momentum against Trump’s advancing campaign.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is seen arriving at a rally in Greensboro, NC, on March 2, 2024, demonstrating his active campaign efforts.

Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) has publicly urged Biden to demonstrate his leadership capabilities for the Democratic Party, emphasizing the urgency of the situation and the need for focused energy rather than defensive anger.

Other Democrats, including Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens and former Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), have praised Biden but also acknowledged the administration’s communication challenges and the need for more effective messaging on policy achievements.

An image shows President Joe Biden delivering the State of the Union address, symbolizing his leadership and the administration’s efforts to communicate its policy successes.

Some Democrats believe Biden is frustrated with himself for not being more assertive with his staff, indicating an internal reflection on his leadership approach.

Despite the challenges, Biden’s top campaign advisers remain hopeful. With Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris increasing their campaign activities, there is optimism that their efforts could lead to a positive shift in the campaign’s trajectory.

The commitment to having Biden more involved in campaigning reflects a strategic move, aligning with the practices of past incumbents seeking reelection, aiming for a turnaround in the campaign’s fortunes.