Biden campaign has amassed $155M in cash on hand for 2024 campaign and raised $53M last month

Biden’s 2024 Campaign War Chest Swells to $155M with $53M Raised in Just Last Month

In Washington, President Joe Biden’s 2024 election campaign is making headlines with a whopping $155 million in cash reserves, significantly outpacing his Republican rival, Donald Trump.

Last month alone, the campaign raised an impressive $53 million. This surge in fundraising was the most robust month of grassroots support since the campaign’s inception. A highlight was a fundraising event on March 28 in New York, featuring Biden alongside Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, which alone brought in $4 million.

President Biden shared his excitement about the growing support across the country in a recent radio interview with WNOV 860 in Wisconsin. He highlighted the campaign’s broad base of 1.5 million donors, including 500,000 new small donors, with 97% of donations being under $200.

The race for the 2024 election is heating up as both Biden and Trump have secured their party nominations, setting the stage for a rematch.

While Trump’s campaign finances for February remain undisclosed, by the end of January, his committees reported having $36.6 million. Notably, his campaign expenditures exceeded income, with a significant portion going towards legal fees related to various court cases. Complete financial details of Trump’s campaign will be available in April.

Biden’s campaign boasts the highest cash reserve ever recorded by a Democratic candidate at this stage, with a successful fundraising strategy that leverages concerns over Trump to galvanize support.

Jaime Harrison, the leader of the Democratic National Committee, contrasted Biden’s successful fundraising efforts with the financial challenges facing Trump and the RNC. He emphasized the high stakes of this year’s election and the vital role of grassroots support in defending democracy.