Ken Buck rejects claim he's leaving Congress early to hurt Boebert

Ken Buck Denies Exiting Congress Early to Undermine Boebert

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Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican from Colorado, clarified on Thursday that his early resignation from Congress is not meant to undermine Rep. Lauren Boebert’s chances in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. Earlier this year, Buck announced he would not seek another term in the House of Representatives. However, he surprised his GOP colleagues on Tuesday by stating his resignation would take effect on March 22. This decision sets the stage for a special election on June 25 to fill his seat temporarily.

Boebert criticized Buck’s decision, calling it a favor to the bipartisan establishment and accusing establishment Republicans of trying to manipulate the election, which she claims she is leading by 25 points. In response, Buck, in an interview with the Colorado Sun on Friday, dismissed these accusations as absurd. He emphasized that his decision does not favor any candidate in the race for his seat.

Buck has expressed his intention to remain neutral in the primary election. He mentioned his growing frustration with congressional gridlock and his desire to advocate for election reforms to enhance the quality of elected officials as reasons for his early departure. Buck also noted that aligning his resignation with Colorado’s June 25 primary would save taxpayer money, a point he believes is significant.

Boebert announced on Wednesday that she would not participate in the special election to fill Buck’s vacancy. She reasoned that doing so would require her to leave her current seat, potentially jeopardizing the slim Republican majority in the House. Boebert has been serving Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District but declared her candidacy for the 4th District, aiming to represent a region with a higher concentration of Republicans. This move is seen as strategic, especially after Democrat Adam Frisch nearly defeated her in the 2022 midterm election by just 546 votes.

Boebert criticized Buck’s early resignation as unnecessary and argued it would confuse voters, result in a lack of representation for over three months, and produce a lame-duck congressman from the start. She insists that the 4th District deserves better representation. Boebert is committed to focusing on her constituents’ priorities while striving to secure votes in Colorado’s 4th District, emphasizing the community’s desire for genuine conservative leadership.

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