Mike Pence accuses Donald Trump of 'walking away' from Constitution

Mike Pence Criticizes Donald Trump for Abandoning Constitutional Principles

Former Vice President Mike Pence recently criticized former President Donald Trump for his actions and decisions, particularly highlighting Trump’s departure from constitutional principles. This criticism came shortly after Pence declined to support Trump as the leading candidate for the Republican party.

In an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Pence expressed that the differences between him and Trump are not limited to the events of January 6, 2021. He emphasized that their disagreement extends beyond the Capitol riot, highlighting a broader concern over constitutional fidelity.

Pence pointed out that loyalty to the Constitution is a significant issue. He explained that his reluctance to endorse Trump is not only about Trump’s actions on January 6 but also involves other critical areas. These include fiscal responsibility, the sanctity of life, and the United States’ role in global leadership.

During the conversation, Pence voiced his hope for the 2024 GOP nominee to support a 15-week national restriction on abortion. He also criticized Trump for his recent change of stance on TikTok, after previously opposing a bill that would ban the app or mandate its sale.

Pence addressed Trump’s characterization of individuals charged in connection with the Capitol riot as “hostages.” He found it inappropriate, especially when actual American hostages are held abroad, to equate those navigating the U.S. justice system with hostages.

Last week, Pence publicly announced his decision not to endorse Trump for another term, citing a departure from conservative values as his reason. This decision underscores the deep divide between Pence and Trump, highlighting significant differences in their political and philosophical views.

This development marks a pivotal moment in the political landscape, showcasing the ongoing debates within the Republican party and the broader American political discourse.