Musk promotes X over ‘legacy media’ amid Trump ‘bloodbath’ comments

Musk Advocates for Platform X Amid Critique of Traditional Media and Controversial Trump Remarks

Elon Musk, the tech mogul, recently voiced his support for former President Trump amidst critiques from the media regarding Trump’s controversial remarks about a potential “bloodbath.” Musk advocated for the use of X, previously known as Twitter, as a means to bypass what he perceives as misleading narratives from traditional media outlets.

Musk’s comments came after media reports on Trump’s statements at an Ohio rally, where Trump cautioned of a “bloodbath” in the U.S. should he not win the upcoming November election. This was in the context of his plans to impose heavy tariffs on vehicle imports.

During the rally, Trump made a bold statement. He proposed a 100 percent tariff on imported cars, suggesting that such a move would be untenable unless he was re-elected. He warned of dire consequences for the country if he lost the election.

Responding to the media’s coverage, Musk took to X with a flurry of posts. He proposed that people should turn to X for news sharing, hinting at a distrust of traditional news sources.

In one interaction, Musk agreed with a user’s claim that the media was distorting Trump’s recent remarks, labeling it as “Legacy media lies.” He further commented on the situation with a post that included a meme, hinting at a lack of independent thought among critics, using the term “NPC” or “nonplayable character,” a nod to video game characters that follow a predetermined script.

Musk didn’t stop there. He encouraged his followers to share posts from X with friends who might be influenced by mainstream media narratives. He even shared a video on how to share X posts externally, emphasizing his point.

The Biden campaign, on the other hand, did not hold back in criticizing Trump’s statements, labeling them as “threats of political violence.” A spokesperson for the campaign expressed confidence that voters would reject Trump’s approach in the upcoming election, citing a desire to move away from extremism and violence.

This unfolding scenario highlights the ongoing tension between different factions in the political and media landscape, with platforms like X playing a central role in the discourse.