Lawyer Nicole Shanahan is a possible VP pick for RFK Jr.

Nicole Shanahan Emerges as Potential Vice Presidential Candidate for RFK Jr.’s Campaign

Over the weekend, the campaign of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hinted that Nicole Shanahan, a lawyer and investor, might be in the running to become his vice-presidential partner.

Amaryllis Fox, Kennedy’s campaign director and daughter-in-law, addressed the speculation on X, previously known as Twitter. She mentioned Shanahan’s name had come up in discussions but stopped short of confirming any decisions.

Fox playfully commented on the media’s speculation, saying one day they’re certain about one candidate and the next day, another. She teased that everyone would have to wait a bit longer to celebrate Kennedy’s choice of a running mate.

Fox expressed her excitement about Kennedy’s choice, praising the thorough selection process that led to a vice-presidential candidate she believes is deserving of the American people.

The campaign had previously confirmed to The Hill that New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, known for his vaccine skepticism, was also being considered. Additionally, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura was mentioned as a potential choice, following a report by The New York Times.

Following a report by Mediaite, Fox acknowledged Shanahan’s involvement in the vice-presidential selection process. She highlighted Shanahan’s commitment to issues like honest governance, racial equity, and the health of children and mothers.

Shanahan, a California-based lawyer and the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, had previously supported Kennedy by funding a significant Super Bowl advertisement for him.

Fox mentioned that Shanahan, Rodgers, and other candidates were appealing to Kennedy because of his dedication to representing young people’s interests and ensuring they have significant roles in political discussions.

The Hill sought comments from one of Shanahan’s organizations and Kennedy’s campaign for more insights.

Fox also mentioned other potential vice-presidential candidates, including TV host Mike Rowe and activist Tricia Lindsay, known for her opposition to vaccine mandates. The campaign had also considered Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Rand Paul, and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Kennedy is expected to announce his vice-presidential pick at an event in Oakland, California, on March 26.

After launching his bid for the White House as a Democrat, Kennedy switched to an independent candidacy last fall, citing ideological differences with both major parties. He has successfully gathered enough signatures to appear on the ballot in several states.

According to national polls, Kennedy trails behind President Biden and former President Trump in a three-way race, with Trump leading, Biden in second, and Kennedy in third.