Republican has message for every lawmaker after Falls Township shooter kills 3: 'That needs to change'

Republican Urges Legislative Action in Wake of Falls Township Triple Homicide: ‘That Needs to Change’

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Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., issued a warning on Saturday. He said America might continue to witness violent crimes like the recent Pennsylvania shooting and New Jersey standoff. In these incidents, a lone gunman killed three people before police captured him hours later.

Fitzpatrick spoke on “Fox News Live” about the urgent situation. He emphasized the need for lawmakers to focus on mental health issues. Without addressing these, violence will keep affecting communities nationwide.

“The way we view health needs a shift,” Fitzpatrick stated. Currently, there’s a stigma around discussing mental health, or “healthcare from the neck up.” He argued that mental health is in crisis in America, a situation worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic and increased by social media and drug use. These issues are interconnected.

He stressed the importance of treating mental health with the same seriousness as physical health. Until this change happens, America will continue to face such crises.

In a tragic event, police reported that 26-year-old Andre Gordon shot and killed three people in Falls Township, Pennsylvania. This area is represented by Fitzpatrick. Gordon then fled to New Jersey, leading to a five-hour standoff with law enforcement at a residence.

During the rampage across states, Gordon is accused of killing his stepmother, Karen Gordon, 52, and his 13-year-old sister, Kera Gordon, at their home in Falls Township.

Authorities eventually captured Gordon in Trenton, New Jersey, after he surrendered to law enforcement. Detective Lt. Lisette Rios of the Trenton Police Department confirmed his peaceful surrender to Fox News Digital.

Fitzpatrick announced Gordon’s capture on the social media site X. He described the day’s events as shocking, especially on a day meant for celebration. Gordon’s actions resulted in the loss of three family members.

Fitzpatrick praised the swift action of various law enforcement agencies. Federal law enforcement, first responders from Bucks County, and units from Philadelphia and New Jersey collaborated to apprehend the perpetrator. Their efforts ensured the safety of parade participants and residents.

“These individuals showed heroic courage,” Fitzpatrick said. He thanked them for prioritizing public safety over their own. As investigations continue, Fitzpatrick called for prayers for the victims and those affected by the tragedy.

Three other individuals, including a minor, were present in the home during the incident. Gordon then moved to another home, where he is accused of killing Taylor Daniel, 25, the mother of their two children. Four other people in the home survived the ordeal.