Trump Doubles Down on Migrants ‘Poisoning’ the Country

Trump Escalates Rhetoric, Claims Migrants are ‘Poisoning’ the Nation

In a recent interview aired on Sunday, former President Donald J. Trump intensified his controversial stance on immigration. He reiterated his belief that immigrants are detrimentally affecting the nation, using terms that have drawn comparisons to language used by historical figures like Hitler.

During the conversation with Howard Kurtz on Fox News, Kurtz questioned Trump about his choice of words, such as “vermin” and “poisoning the blood.” These terms have sparked criticism for their similarity to the rhetoric of Hitler and Mussolini. Trump defended his language by claiming the country is under threat.

Trump also repeated a previously debunked claim that migrants coming across the southern border are largely criminals and individuals from prisons and mental institutions. However, this assertion is contradicted by evidence. Border officials have noted that the majority of migrants are families escaping violence and poverty. Furthermore, crime statistics, including murder rates, have actually seen a decline.

Trump did not shy away from using harsh language, suggesting that the country is being infiltrated by dangerous individuals from prisons, mental institutions, and even terrorists. He has been vocal about his negative views on migrants since his first campaign in 2015, where he infamously labeled Mexicans as rapists. His rhetoric has only escalated in his current campaign, with recent statements dehumanizing migrants even further.

In addition to his immigration rhetoric, Trump has also targeted his political adversaries with similar disdain. He has pledged to eliminate what he describes as “radical-left thugs” living within the country.

The interview covered a wide range of topics beyond immigration. Trump discussed his stance on abortion, NATO, and the potential TikTok ban. He expressed opposition to banning TikTok, suggesting it would only benefit Facebook, which he views unfavorably. He also hinted at supporting a 16-week abortion ban but remained vague on specifics. On NATO, Trump falsely claimed that his previous statements had prompted countries to increase their defense spending, despite no significant changes in the alliance’s financial contributions.

One of the most persistent falsehoods Trump reiterated was the claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him, a statement he insisted on despite widespread evidence to the contrary.

Trump’s recent interview underscores his continued use of divisive and inflammatory language, particularly on immigration, and his engagement with a range of contentious political issues.