Trump: ‘I don’t know’ if Putin was responsible for Navalny’s death

Trump Uncertain About Putin’s Involvement in Navalny’s Poisoning

On Sunday, the former President, Donald Trump, raised questions about the mysterious death of Alexei Navalny, a well-known critic of the Russian government. This comes after he faced criticism for not directly accusing Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, of orchestrating what many believe to be an assassination.

Alexei Navalny passed away under unclear circumstances in a Russian prison last month. It took several days before any details about his death emerged. While President Biden and other leaders from the West have pointed fingers at Putin for Navalny’s death, Trump has refrained from making such accusations.

In an interview on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz” with Howard Kurtz, which aired on Sunday, Trump discussed Navalny’s death. When asked if he believed Putin was behind it, Trump responded ambiguously, suggesting it was a possibility but admitting he did not have definitive knowledge. He remarked on Navalny’s youth and the statistical likelihood of his long life, hinting at the unusual nature of his death.

Trump remained non-committal when Kurtz brought up a previous attempt on Navalny’s life through poisoning. He acknowledged that it seemed like a grave incident had occurred but stopped short of confirming any involvement by Putin.

Following Navalny’s death, Trump’s initial comments drew parallels between the opposition leader’s fate and his own legal challenges, referring to a civil suit against him as a “form of Navalny.” This comparison attracted widespread criticism from both sides of the political aisle, including a sharp rebuke from Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker, who found Trump’s remarks to be deeply disrespectful.

Pelosi also speculated about the nature of Trump’s relationship with Putin, questioning the leverage Putin might have over Trump. She expressed disbelief at Trump’s comments, suggesting they were so extreme that they seemed fabricated and argued that such statements should disqualify Trump from any future political candidacy.

Trump’s comments came as Russia concluded its voting process, expected to secure another six-year term for Putin in a vote lacking genuine competition. On the final day of voting, thousands of Russians took to the polls in a coordinated protest against Putin’s rule, signaling widespread discontent with his administration.