U.S. Plans Charter Flight from Haiti, Warns Trip to Airport Is Dangerous

U.S. Organizes Charter Flight Out of Haiti, Cautions Against Risky Journey to Airport

On Saturday, the State Department revealed plans to organize a charter flight for U.S. citizens in Haiti. This flight will depart from Cap-Haïtien International Airport. However, they cautioned that individuals would need to make their way to the airport by themselves. They also highlighted the nearly six-hour journey from Port-au-Prince to the airport as “dangerous.”

The State Department communicated through their X account that they are coordinating a charter flight from Cap-Haitien to the U.S. for American citizens holding valid U.S. passports. They noted that traveling to Cap-Haitien is at the individual’s own risk.

In a tweet, the State Department shared details about the charter flight from Cap-Haitien to the U.S. They advised U.S. citizens interested in this flight to fill out an intake form, emphasizing that travel to Cap-Haitien is undertaken at one’s own risk.

A security alert on their website mentioned that the flight’s availability would depend on the security situation in Cap-Haïtien remaining stable. They advised considering the flight only if individuals felt they could safely reach the Cap-Haïtien airport, as they could not assist with overland travel from other parts of Haiti.

The State Department warned about the unpredictable and dangerous security situation in Haiti. They stressed that travel within the country is at one’s own risk and that the U.S. government cannot ensure safety during travel to airports, borders, or any onward travel. They urged individuals to assess their personal security situation before traveling within Haiti.

It remains uncertain how many flights will be arranged.

The alert also mentioned that U.S. citizens using “U.S. government coordinated flights” would need to sign a promissory note to reimburse the government for the flight cost.

The State Department acknowledged on Thursday that they did not have an exact count of Americans in Haiti.

State Department Press Secretary Matthew Miller admitted the difficulty in estimating the number of Americans in Haiti, as many do not register with the U.S. embassy upon arrival. He mentioned that several hundred Americans had registered to receive information, but this did not represent the total number of Americans in the country.

Miller also clarified that there were no current plans for evacuation, despite the charter flight arrangement. He reminded that Haiti has been under a Level 4 Travel Advisory since 2020, advising Americans against travel to Haiti and urging those in the country to leave when safely possible.

Saturday’s security alert reiterated the advice against traveling to Haiti and recommended avoiding crowds and areas where violence or demonstrations might occur.

The alert also provided safety tips for those in Haiti, including keeping a low profile, being aware of surroundings, and being prepared to shelter in place. It advised against being outside after dark and staying alert in areas frequented by foreign visitors. It also emphasized the importance of having up-to-date travel documents and proper identification.

Miller mentioned that the State Department is providing $33 million in humanitarian assistance to Haiti and an additional $300 million for a police force that Kenya will be launching. This support includes equipment transfers, logistics, and direct financial support, with $200 million coming from the Pentagon and $100 million from the State Department.

The Pentagon confirmed to Breitbart News that no U.S. troops would be part of the police force.

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